Saturday, November 25, 2006

For All The Right Reasons

Without question, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has the knowledge, the integrity and the fortitude our country needs to help regain its balance and become the nation that was envisioned in the promise of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

. . . He has dedicated his life to serving others and speaking truth to power.

. . . He has been surrounded by power brokers all his life, and is familiar, both instinctually and intellectually, with how the world is controlled and who controls it.

. . . He can hit the ground running.

. . . He has the means and the contacts to access the money necessary to go head-to-head with anyone's war chest.

. . . He will not have to beg for campaign funds.

. . . He will not be in debt to Corporate America.

As for his legacy, he is Bobby's son -- and that legacy is a good one. Bobby Kennedy is alive, and if anyone should ask why he should run for President, we just need to quote his father, and ask, "Why not?" To those who say that he has not thrown his hat in the ring, I say, "There are times that call for certain people to come forward. For those of us seeking a new paradigm for our society, one has to look no further than RFK, Jr."

Dear RFK Supporters: Over the past week a number of Blogs and MySpaces have been created in support of our efforts. Rather than being frustrated by sometimes not knowing where a comment has landed, let's look at it as a positive development. The passion to see RFK elected has moved many people to jump in head first. Our advice is to keep up the spread of information. Contact as many blogs, newspapers, radio shows, organizations, Democratic clubs, friends and colleagues as possible, and let them know that this draft campaign exists. If we create enough buzz, RFK just might throw his hat in the ring. If he does, his supporters and admirers -- many with a great deal of power, name recognition and influence -- will knock down walls to get him elected. It's our job to make that happen! - RFB
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